New Grimsby Sound – Tresco side

We made a timely move to New Grimsby Sound, between Tresco and Bryer. This was due to a forecast of BFT F5-6 from the North which had potential for an uncomfortable anchorage at St Helens Pool.


We motored the short distance at HW to be able to cross the Tresco Flats which dried at low water.



On entering the Sound we searched for a suitable anchorage as it was pretty busy, with all buoys taken and little room for a couple of fat bottomed deep draft cruisers.



Once we had secured the ground tackle we sat back to enjoy the tremendous vista, Bryer to the South and Tresco to the North.


Deciding to take a closer look at Tresco the dinghys we’re launched.


At the risk of repeating myself if you have never been, the IOS must be on your bucket list, an absolutely incredible location just off the end of Cornwall.


This blogger is sat below deck listening to the creaking and groaning of MBS as she competes with gust of 25 knots blasting down the New Grimsby Sound. Just seen LW pass with just 50cm to spare under the keel, may have to relocate to deeper water in the morning as Springs get a day closer.


Not sure we’ll get much sleep, have to take the rough with the smooth when sailing, all part of the experience.


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