A night apart

We left Falmouth with a BFT 3-4 E, increasing F5 at times, and with a broad reach heading further West both boats made good speed.

Super Yacht Heaven, Pendenis Boat Yard, Falmouth

The passage to Newlyn was about 30 miles, but we made sure of a clean sweep around The Lizard increasing the journey to 35 miles, best to be safe than sorry.

Passing The Lizard, no dramas

Entering Mounts Bay we prepped for our arrival at Newlyn Harbour. Calling the HM on VHF 12 we requested a berth for the night. His response was, how many people and did we have animals? The look on Taffs face when he said we weren’t welcome with dogs! Advised to pick up a buoy outside Penzance until 22.00h when lock gate would open, but with a strong Easterly it was going to be a rough wait, not interested!

Approaching St Michaels Mount in search of shelter

Plan B, looking across the bay we noticed St Michaels Mount, that must give some shelter, so decision made and Mr Blue Sky left Hendrix to Newlyn, and headed off in search of a comfortable anchorage for the night.

Crew dropping Anchor behind the Mount

Turned out to be a good choice, as our spot was like a mill pond. We took the tender ashore for Fish and Chips, and walked Jim & Taff on Mounts Bay Beach.

Mr Blue Sky waiting patiently at anchor

Wind started to blow again about 20.00h, but no matter our ground tackle had dug in well and we were in for a peaceful night.



I wonder what Hendrix is doing? Good night Bob & Lisa, sleep tight off to Scilly tomorrow morning, 09.00h for another 35 mile passage, and another anchorage.

Leaving Penzance Bay, Back with Hendrix with Scillonian passing

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